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Protective Relay Testing

Acceptance Tests

Protective relays of today perform numerous functions and can be quite complex. The individuals responsible for proving the proper operation of these relays require a thorough understanding of the systems in which these relays will be operating.

Protection engineers rely on the relay testing engineer in the field to identify issues with the implemented logic, wiring and functionality of the relays. These issues require a system approach.

AtlasPower takes this approach and has the necessary knowledge to apply it.

The truest form of testing these intelligent relays is by using an event file of a true fault condition. These are comtrade files that can be played back through a relay test set. This is known as dynamic testing and will give the most accurate information of relay response.

Using relay test software that performs static testing of individual elements is useful only to confirm that the right pickup and timing settings are in place. This type of testing does not reveal the interaction of various protection elements during a fault condition. This interaction and the timing thereof plays a critical role in the overall stability of a system.

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