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Power Line Carrier

Power Line Carrier (PLC) is a method of power systems communication whereby a frequency generally in the kilohertz range is superimposed on to the normal 50/60 Hz transmission lines via coupling capacitors. It has become one of the most economical and reliable forms of communication for the purpose of transmission line protection. Protective relays communicate via PLC equipment to accelerate tripping for internal line faults while blocking tripping for external faults.

AtlasPower has several years’ experience with the implementation of protection schemes utilizing PLC methods. We are well versed in every component involved that includes wave traps, capacitive coupled voltage transformers, line tuners, coax cables, hybrids, amplifiers and receiver/transmitter units. We provide onsite local setup and checkout, end-to-end testing to confirm proper coordination as well as final in service adjustments and readings.


Superior expertise in the field of

power system testing and commissioning

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