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Equipment Testing

Acceptance Tests

Electrical acceptance testing refers to the initial field testing of newly installed equipment. This testing helps ensure the equipment is ready for initial energization. In addition, these tests verify that the equipment is as specified by the contract documents and establishes baseline data for future maintenance testing.

AtlasPower specializes in electrical acceptance testing of substations and power producing facilities dealing with extra-high to medium voltage applications. A few examples would be ratio and power factor testing for power transformers, CCVT’s and switchyard CT’s; protective relay and meter calibration; over potential tests of medium voltage vacuum breakers; and functional checks.

As an independent third party, tests performed by Atlas offer objective analysis and an added level of assurance and quality to electrical power systems.

Some examples of equipment include:

  • SF6, Vacuum, and Oil Circuit Breakers
  • Power Transformers, Load Tap Changers
  • Potential Devices—PT, CCVT
  • Current Transformers
  • Motor Operated Disconnects
  • Batteries
  • Ground Grid
  • Wave Traps and Tuners

Superior expertise in the field of

power system testing and commissioning

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