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-- Dale Carnegie


After initial electrical acceptance testing is complete, the startup phase of a project begins. Startup refers to the process of subjecting equipment to electricity for the first time. This is normally the point that project schedules become obsolete. Inevitably, problems arise in the electrical, mechanical and instrumentation portions of the project. While most industrial construction sites have experienced mechanics, electricians and instrument technicians, most lack personnel experienced in troubleshooting problems related to medium and high voltage protection and control schemes.

AtlasPower offers unsurpassed startup personnel trained and experienced in electrical startup. Utilizing Atlas to perform the acceptance testing and then taking advantage of their familiarity with the project to assist in startup will compliment and enhance the proficiency of any startup team.

The completion of startup normally marks the beginning of commissioning. Commissioning is the process of combining all of the various pieces of a project together to achieve an end product. As with startup, it is logical to utilize trained personnel thoroughly familiar with the entire project to perform commissioning.

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power system testing and commissioning

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